Whatsapp Share button: benefits for SEO and SMO

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To Gain huge traffic on your website, you need to implement whatsapp sharing now. Simply throwing a whatsApp share button on your website pages (products, articles, pages, services), can generate a huge chunk of fresh visitors to your site. Do that now, thank me later.

In this section of deAnalyst’s common sense SEO technics, I will explain why you should have whatsapp share button and how to put one on your website in small simple steps to generate huge traffic to your website. Earlier, I demonstrated an easy way to troubleshoot content load problem with opera mini browser seo SEO trick to generate millions of new visitors.

Introduction to WhatsApp sharing

I want to assume you have already created a beautiful looking website and loaded it with sweet irresistible content, containing sufficient keywords. Well, even if you don’t have a website, there’s no harm in learning for the future.

To add whatsApp share button and have access to the more than one billlion internet users, who are already using whatsApp is quite simple.

My good friend, I can tell you confidently that, you are missing out on a very simple traffic trick, that can generate millions of cheap traffic for you, if you don’t have “share this on whatsApp” button.

Many people have the challenge of coding whatsApp share button to a website, do not worry, I will show you how to easily add whatsApp button to your website, as you can find at the beginning and end of this post, if you read the this guide to the end.

How can adding whatsapp share button Benefit your business?

push up traffic with whatsApp

push up traffic with whatsApp

Before I mention the benefits of adding whatsApp share button to your website content, let’s take a look at the numbers of how many of your customers are currently using whatsApp:

How Many People use whatsApp?

Over 1 billion people use whatsApp every day to stay connected with their family and friends, more people are using the social network to communicate with businesses they care about as well and it is only expected that the number will rise over time.

From an SEO point of view, you are certain this huge numbers will generate alot of traffic to your products or services when users share to their family, friends or colleagues. How? with whatsApp share button on your website.

billions of whatsApp users

1 billion plus people/businesses are on whatsApp

Why Whatsapp and not Facebook or Twitter?

WhatsApp or Twitter?

As of the second quarter of 2018, Twitter averaged at 335 million monthly active users only, while whatsApp reported Over 1 billion daily users in the last quarter of 2017.

I know Facebook is more popular than whatsApp with a user base of more than 2 billion but you may be disappointed to find out that ignoring whatsApp sharing just because you have facebook sharing will not do you much good.

Out of the over 931,000 websites on the internet that have Facebook share button, a significant number of those don’t have whatsApp share button implemented, it is likely that your  competitors are also not sharing on whatsApp!You can take advantage of the market on whatsApp which they haven’t woke up to. My advice is, have both facebook and whatsapp sharing enabled on your site.

We have generate significant increase in traffic by implementing the whatsapp share ourselves. Why then waste time? This is not a whatsApp marketing tutorial but a simple to-do hack, that converts.

Top 10 benefits of using whatsApp share button

  1. Access to more customers: WhatsApp has over a billion daily users.
  2. Messages shared on whatsApp are likely to be received earlier than Mails and other messaging platforms.
  3. Sharing to whatsApp is easy, you can use a plugin like Share this plugin.
  4. It offers a greater level of personalization as whatsApp users share content basically to their family and friends.
  5. Content shared on whatsApp has a great chance of being patronised as it is a recommendation from a friend or family.
  6. It drives sharing to Mobile devices. Remember over 65% of internet consumers use mobile devicies.
  7. End-to-end encrypted messaging enables users to send content to their whatsApp contact without the fear of public scrutiny which is not the case with Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing platforms.
  8. Whatsapp is good for businesses: Message automations have made responding to messages from clients easy.
  9. Share image on whatsApp from your website: This is good for Ecommerce websites.
  10. Adding whatsApp share button has proved significant results for sites like FTW, USA Today’s viral sports site, music App Shazam, Buzzfeed etc. Your case can’t be different.

Simple Method of Adding whatsApp Share button

You can simply use numerous plugins out there like Share this plugin, it requires no coding, even a non-techie can easily add social share buttons to a website. Again if you are a geek and prefer to code your social shares, good for you. However, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with all the complex work, contact deAnalyst to implement it for a little fee.

WhatsApp chat message

A whatsApp end-to-end chat


Implementing whatsApp sharing is neccesary for a site that wants traffic from many sources (which doesn’t anyway). There are enormous benefits of sharing to whatsApp, most notably, acquiring more visitors. If your site or your client’s site does not have whatsApp share button, implement it today, without delay.

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Disclaimer: deAnalyst.com is not in anyway affiliated to nor paid by whatsApp inc neither its agents. Hence, this post is not for promotional purpose but to help you my reader make sound SEO decision.

Found this post useful or there is something you think I should have included? let me know in the comments box.

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whatsApp share button

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