Very important SEO tools that are free and underated

When you are just starting out in Search engine optimization SEO, you may be confused about the tools you need for websites audit, content creation, I mean the kind of content that is suitable for users and acceptable by search engines.

Set of carpenter’s tools on wooden background

This post will introduce you to some great SEO tools that are underated but that will aid you tremendously in creating great content as well as conducting SEO for your clients.

Just like the carpenter will need some great tools and equipment like the bench, protective boots, hammer etc. so also does an SEO require these tools.

I must mention here that, if you have been doing SEO before now, you must have used some of these tools but hardly gave them the tools nomenclature.

The Browser as an SEO tool

Chiefly among the tools I shall point to you is the browser. chrome, firefox, internet explorer and other browsers come with several tools that enhance the work of search engine optimisation experts. Such tools as:

  • website address bar
  • developers inspect tool
  • view page source
  • Incognito mode and view content anonimously
browser address bar
browser address bar

website address bar

With advanced search operators becoming an important activity for almost every professional SEO today, the ability of an SEO in using her/his browser’s address bar will determine whether he will be successsful or not. Often times I find myself msking search operators like site:yoursitename.com to find pages on a website that are in google, inurl:particular-keyword to find the existence of keyword on a site’s universal resource locator, url. Need more search operators see some more

browser inspect tool
browser inspect tool as an SEO tool

The browser Inspect tool

Who ever imagined that browser inspect tool that is inside almost every modern browser, is an SEO tool? Ok, maybe we have all been using it but we never refered to it as an SEO tool. Have we?

The inspect tool is used by SEO’s for many purposes like determining the priority of a heading i.e h1, h2, h3 etc. If a header content is h1 it is given more priority by search engines than h2s and h2 more priority than h3s in that order. So if my content is about SEO tools, I would check for the existence of “SEO tools” in the page’s h1 and h2.

Another way I use the inspect tool is to check for hyperlinks, alt tags on images, do-follow and no-follow, and the list goes on and on.

To access the inspect tool on most browsers im windows, hit CTRL + Shift + I on your keyboard.

View Page Source

Browsers come handy with a very important SEO tool (in disguise) which allows SEO’s to view a webpage’s backend code, html as well as the css and Javascript of those pages. I use this browser feature often to check the existence of google annalytics tag and google console. other uses of the view page source tool are: inspecting broken codes (better with firefox and chrome), checking CMS, and plugins of a website etc.

All these may look overwhelming when you have done it before, but with continous effort, you will soon find yourself using the view page tool.

To view a page’s source code, you will press ctrl + U

When you gain proficiency in using the view page tool, you will perform a lot of site auditing functions without needing a third party tool for many SEO issues.

Google search console and google analytics

Up to this moment, many website have not start using Google’s free tools that can be gladly paid for, if it was on paid offering. This tools are google search console, formerly called webmaster tools and google analytics.

Without these tools, the work of an SEO persona will be almost incomplete.

Google search console among other things is used for submiting web pages to google for indexing, investigating crawl issues, page inspection and others.

Google analytics has all the data needed to make informed decision on a website. A common use of google analytics is for page performance analyses.

If you don’t have Google search console GSC tools set up on your site already, read how search console can influence your website and google analytics set-up process.

Screaming frog

There’s hardly any SEO persona out there that doesn’t use screaming frog, beam us up or other related website crawlers to spider their client’s site.

This set of tools have paid their due when talking about SEO tools hence, they deserve a more prominent place than where they are kept, especially, when you compare them to their paid counterparts.

Yoast SEO tool and SEO spyglass

Yoast is great for wordpress sites. It has a free sitemap generator, and also synch with your social handles.

I only started using seo spyglass recently but I have accessed a great deal of seo data from the tool which has made my work quite easy. This tool which is among the suit of seo powersuit has a backlink profile module that is available to even non-premium subscribers, In addition to other premium features.

seo spyglass tool
seo spyglass

Our focus is on the free modules like the anchor text research feature, domain comparison, do-follow and no-follow links and other great modules. It has many other dashboard items for premium users.

But since our focus is on the free tools, we are not going to talk about the premium features.

Neil patel's ubersuggest


Neil patel’s free suit of ubbersuggest tools -keyword planner, seo analyzer, backlink and site audit suit can be sufficiently used to carry out a complete audit of a web page. Creating keyword optimized content has never been this easy.

Ubersuggest is one of my favourite tool for backlinks analyses and keyword research.

Spreadsheets and text and docs editors

Many professional SEOs regularly use google spreadsheets or excel when collecting audit data of a website, some SEOs have a customized audit template made with spreadsheet (I inclusive), but have never refered to these as tools.

google docs

If you are just starting out in SEO, make sure to have these tools handy. Document editors like google doc are used to write and save articles for future publishing on guest sites or your own site.

We also use text editors like sublime when creating a sitemap, editing htaccess, robots or generating structured data. why are we not giving it their place in tools? If you are wondering whether you will need document editors as an upcoming SEO, be certain you would.

graphics tools (Photoshop & Canva)

I sometimes wonder why no one ever mentions photoshop, correl draw and the likes when speaking of SEO tools kit, even when we all use them to create optimized images. You see the first image on this post, it was downloaded from 123RF.com, I only edited it to suit.

No successful SEO will avoid the use of this designers tools if he wants his pictures to be branded, light-sized and beautiful- save you employ a graphics designer. So why not call it an SEO tool? Okay, not exactly created for SEOs (search engine optimizers) but SEOs use it.


There you have it. Very important SEO tools that will make your job as an SEO easy and fun:

  • The browser
    • address bar
    • inspect tool (ctrl + Shift + I)
    • view page source (ctrl + U)
  • screaming frog, beam us up or deep crawl
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • seo spyglass
  • Ubersuggest.

There are more obvious tools like google keyword research tool, Ahrefs, SEMrush etc. that are not mentioned here. These set of tools are either too common or are not free. This post only considered free and uncommon tools.

If you found a new free alternative to SEO tools in this post, share with a friend.

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  • Recently, I switched to relying on the INK for ALL editor. Not one problem. Only ranking success.

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