Opera mini browser support SEO for millions of new visitors

Device usage in Nigeria
About 70% of Nigerians access the internet on mobile

The most popular mobile browser in Nigeria and other African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and Ghana is opera Mini. Opera mini browser is used by more than five out of every ten mobile devices in Nigeria. This is due to Opera mini data compression technology, which ensures that even low spec devices and slow speeding networks can access website information.

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Download opera mini
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Fasten your seat belt, you are about to learn a very simple but serious hack that will help you generate far more than any amount of traffic that your website content has got.

Opera mini browser support boosts on site dwell time

Web pages that appear fine on all browsers have a longer dwell time. Pages that appear clunky on webpages tend to dispel users, consequently, they bounce off, therefore, leaving you with a high site bounce rate.

When you are choosing a website template, always ask some critical questions:

  • what website design can generate the desired traffic or website leads?
  • how many people interact with my content and what devices are they using — how many use opera browser?
  • don’t you want your content to be assessable to the more than 20 million Nigerians using the internet?
  • what design best reduce bounce rate, increase average session and dwell time?
  • What SEO score can I achieve by adopting a friendly design that supports all browsers?

There’s a simple way to approach these, and also enhance your SEO in the process. Just hang on, I will address this side of the article in the lines that follow, but before then, let jus be sure we understand each other as regards what Opera mini is.. then I will drop the SEO trick, this is a simple SEO hack.

What is opera mini browser?

logo of opera mini

Let’s say Opera mini is a software/application like Chrome, Firefox or Internet explorer that we use to access the internet — download music, read posts and view pictures.

So why optimize for Opera mini?

In SEO, your primary concern is to get more visitors looking up your content right? That is why a smart content creator like you have to create content that all browser users can access, including opera mini. Not only because it is the most popular browser in many countries, but also because you want to carry all your content users.

Why opera mini SEO is so important in Nigeria

statcounter report of June 2019, shows that 63.4 percent of all mobile users in Nigeria are using opera mini browser.

Pulse correlates this report in a post on their website’s blog that shows while opera mini is the browser to beat in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, and other countries. By now I hope you see where this is heading, why opera mini is the browser to generate the millions of visitors for you. Feel free to argue with the numbers:

Opera mini nigeria graph

Take a scenario where the over 10 million opera browser users in Nigeria are able to see your site’s content. What would that mean for your business?

Now, consider an exact opposite scenario where 10 million prospective visitors can see your competitor’s page but wouldn’t even be shown your’s, because the few others who asked in earlier were denied entrance, (as in couldn’t find it due to display issues). This easy-to-solve problem will either better your visitors retention or drive away the few existing ones from the site. All dependent upon your action or inaction.

This is undesirable for any website or blog owner– unless your content is curated for desktop-only users who have such browsers as chrome and firefox with support for advanced scripting frameworks, you have nothing to worry about. I have rarely found such a case anyway. But if you are expecting mobile audience in Africa checking your website or blog pages, then, you must ensure that your developers and content creators are doing everything right to convert the millions of regular opera mini users to buying visitors.

How to create content that does not violate opera mini specifications:

opera mini data compression
opera mini compression technology

Adopt Progressive Enhancement method of site development

This methodology is not new, in fact it is built into the very fabric of the web’s original design, and ensures your website works everywhere — not just on Opera Mini and other proxy browsers.

Progressive enhancement requires:

More HTML tags less Scripts:

The popularity of scripting frameworks like jQuery and Ajax has made it increasingly fashionable for users to throw script files to websites. This soes not always comply with best practices. Do not overly indulge in that practice if you want your content to be visible to the over 400 million opera mini browser users worldwide.

Avoid icons, use SVG instead

Web fonts are often large files and are for aesthetic/branding purposes, Opera Mini doesn’t download fonts. Fallback fonts are used instead. On many low-specced devices, system fonts are carefully optimized for the device and give a better user experience.

However, icon fonts are sometimes used by developers and these won’t be displayed; this can mean some important information or navigation items are invisible. Use SVG images instead; these can be compressed to become smaller than icon fonts, and can be made responsive with media queries. SVG makes the obvious choice for graphical representation of data according to Wikipedia.

Minimize JavaScript Usage on page:

Opera Mini servers usually execute JavaScript quickly. Scripts that consume too much memory, however, will be killed. Opera mini runs some JavaScript on page load, but JavaScript-only APIs don’t work. key events such as keypress and keyup are not supported. Neither are touch and scroll events Bruce Lawson advice thus:

Treat JavaScript as an enhancement to your core HTML site, not as a pre-requisite

A simple way to do this is to test your website without javascript and see if everything is still appearing fine.

opera mini error
opera mini error message on android

With less scripts, the page may appear clunky, it is, however, better than, say your competitors’ whose website content is totally missing! your goal should be to construct scripts that are as efficient as possible. Again more HTML, fewer scripts.

Download Opera Mini browser for testing purpose:

If you want to gain a market share of the millions of opera users out there and increase your page ranking and return on investment (ROI), then I advise you start implementing these guidelines listed here. How can you do this without having the tool for testing your website’s functionality? Download and install the Opera mini browser

CSS Gradients are not supported in opera mini:

Opera mini deliberately disable some CSS like border-radius to avoid page size bloating. The browser also disable  CSS animation to preserve device battery, CSS gradient are disabled so always instruct your developer to set a CSS background-color property that contrasts with the text color to ensure that text and button are legible. Look the below illustration of Balancing gradient and background:

button {
	background: black;
		Fallback for Mini and other browsers
		that don’t support CSS gradients
	background: linear-gradient(
		to bottom right,
		red, rgba(255, 0, 0, 0)
	color: white;

Opera Mini is sent a black background for the white text, and so the button’s text is visible; this is overridden in browsers that support CSS gradients. If you want more guidance on implementing a high performing website visit Google developers blog.

Now the SEO tip beat. Opera Mini you can install an SEO browser extension, that is helpful for conducting your site/blog’s audit

Opera Mini supports seoQuake and webrank SEO browser extensions

With opera mini supporting seoQuake and webrank browser extensions, which can give you an overview of your websites statistics, the browser has become increasingly important for, even advanced users. Not only for testing purposes as I mentioned earlier, but also for website page audit. Here is the link to get SEO quake browser extension for opera

Thats it, so good luck with re-optimizing your website for the purpose of Opera mini browser support. If you will have me audit your website pages to be interactive on opera mini, talk to me.


You probably have heard from so many quarters that Opera Mini browser support is not important and error messages from the website should be ignored. Today you know better that the opposite is the case and ensuring Opera mini support is a core SEO technic.

See the important factors in choosing a web host ensure your host supports number 2.

Disclaimer: deAnalyst.com or its staff is not in anyway connected nor paid by opera mini nor its agents. Hence, this post is not for promotional purpose but to help you my reader make sound SEO decision.

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