Why is url shortner like bit.ly not good for my site

Many website url (website address)  will look too long, boring and/or difficult to read, if their character length is not reduced with a url shortener. There are numerous url shortening tools out there that are created to achieve the purpose of reducing long, boring to read and illegible urls.

What is a url shortening service?

url shortner

url shortening

To put it simply, a url shortening service is a tool that reduces the number of characters on a url to a shorter length. For instance, a url that looks like this: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/7451184?hl=en may be shortened to look thus: goo.gl/VT3mh.

The purpose of url Shorteners:

Generally url shortening tools are usually created for the following reasons:

  1. To reduce the character length of a url. Say from 70 characters to a url with 11z charaters. An example is this url https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/7451184?hl=en that is shortened to goo.gl/VT3mh.
  2. To track the performance and analytics of a url?
  3. To give users a guidance as to what kind of resource is on the link they are about to click on.
  4. To send links on sites with a certain url format. Twitter’s url shortener change urls to start withs t.co/, LinkedIn url format is lnkd.in.

Wrong Usage of Url shorteners:

Despite all the good purposes a url shortener is supposed to serve, there are some folks and black-hat SEOs out there who are using this tools for the wrong reasons. This in  my assumption is the reason why google discontinued her url shortening service goo.gl in April of 2018 (I stand to be corrected).

This folks throw a shortened link, usually of a lofty product or service that is non existent inviting unsuspecting visitors to click on. My friend, as always, I will advice you against such deceptive SEO.

Bonus tip on finding out the genuineness of a shortened url

In order to determine the genuineness or not of a url that is shortened with tools like bit.ly, simply add a ‘+’ sign at the end of the url and enter it in the address bar of the browser. Details of the url such as url name, visit statistics and period of visitors will be shown you.


Url shorteners are great tools and an innovative way of reducing url characters and tracking performance. however, caution should be applied in its use as average content viewers may view them as spam urls. To know if a bit.ly or  any other shortened url is legit, add the plus ‘+’ sign at the end of it.

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