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google business account
Google business website account free

Smart business owners are creating a free website for their business and generating more leads (prospective customers)  and sales with Google from search and maps with google my business website. Yes, you heard me right, free. Okay, let me make a correction, the site is free but you may have to pay the person who created it for your business. But that is if you don’t know how it is done or if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with the process of creating one yourself (a simple one though).

Furthermore, if you have challenge verifying an account, I will show you the cheat sheet I use on many accounts I have created in the past.

This article will address the latter issue, creating a Google my business website.

What is Google Mybusiness

Before we get to how you can create and verify a google my business site to start generating sales, it is good practice to know what you want to sign up for, right?

Google my business is a business tool designed to reach customers on the internet. It is a website you create, using google’s free tool, Google My Business. The website comes with conventional website features like contact page, blog page, gallery and a site URL.

Benefits of Google my business website:

  1. Free-for-all: Google my business website is a free service, you are not required to pay before your site is hosted on the GMB service.
  2. Zero hosting and domain renewal cost: The website is hosted by google hence, you don’t need to pay for any of server hosting or domain renewal.
  3. Reputation: Google is the number one search engine, hence a site on their search engine results pages (SERPS) is deemed reputable and authoritative source.
  4. Map: Your business is also listed on google maps, so you have a unique advantage of sending prospects directly to your business premises without hassle.
  5. SEO ranking: Google my business websites are placed at the top of all results pages, this is of huge SEO advantage. That is why it is very necessary to own a GMB site for local SEO optimization. See how you can learn SEO this year.

How to create google my business website GMB

To create a google my business website, you first need to have a business with a physical address, and a gmail account. If you use an android device, you have a 99.9% chance of already owning a gmail account, even if you don’t, I can assure you that creating one is very easy.

So if you have the two (a business with address and email) ready, here are the easy steps to follow in creating a business account.

create google my business
Starting GMB creation
  1. Enter the google my business website in the address bar of your browser, whereafter you will land on this page.
  2. Hit the Start now button and enter the name of your business as you will want it to appear to visitors.
  3. Choose a category your business belongs, not all business categories may be available, simply choose the closest to your business
  4. Choose whether you want to add a location (who doesn’t want anyway), this is the location that you will see in google map listing.
  5. Enter Location details of your business and choose whether you serve customers outside your location or not.
    If you are, say, a barber who do home service, click the yes button and specify.
  6. Finish the account creation and move to verify your business.
google map results
a google map results

Voila! Your business profile is created on google. I wish I could say congrats at this point, but Nehii (in indian) no there is something left, “verifying GMB”. 

Verify Google my business in Nigeria, the easy way.

There are four common methods of verifying GMB. By:

  1. Postcard – to mailing address you provided during registration
  2. Email – to the email address you provide during account creation process
  3. Phone number – to receive a confirmation pin
  4. Video verification.

You can follow any of the 5 verification methods, provided it is available for your business. Some verification methods are not available for certain categories of businesses.

The postcard verification method is available for all businesses, but it is often not reliable in Nigeria as postcard mailed to an address may take up to 2 weeks and probably won’t arrive.

Now these leads to my pro tip beat on verifying google my business in Nigeria. If your business is not eligible for SMS verification and email, I highly suggest you don’t use the receive postcard option, do not!

Rather, opt for the video verification method. It is easier to verify a business through this method.

Verifying google my business with video

To verify your business by video, you need to have the 

  • hangout app, if you are using  mobile;
  • To be present at the business location during the verification.

If you are not present at the business location, your verification cannot be done. This is because the google representative would request to see your business premises: the entrance, walkway, the tools you use to do business and other business items like logo.

PS: It may take several tries and a longer time for a google operative to connect with you on video. If you want expert optimization or creation and veriification, go to my contact page and drop me a message.

The google rep will auto verify your GMB listing at his end when she has got details she wants. Now your business will be displayed on Google local search and maps.

High five🖐🏾 You can now create a google my business website free for yourself. 

Some terms used in this article:

  • GMB: google my business the free website creation tool by Google
  • lead: A source of business customer acquisition, through say, email or phone call.
  • SEO: the optimization of web pages to gain from search results.
  • map: location parameters.

Conclusion on creating and verifying google my business:

Creating google my business website for local search listing is easy, if you follow this guide.

However, if you would rather have an expert create it and optimize for higher ranking in google for a little fee, get in touch.
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