Google Analytics Account, what you can achieve with GA

Google analytics account
Google analytics account creation

My Google analytics tell me exactly how many visitors my site is getting, where they are coming from, what devices they use and what they are doing on my site. If you have already followed the guide on creating google console account, which centers around knowing popular search terms, and general site well being, you will find this article more useful. At the end of this article, you will be able to create a google analytics account, read data and analyze visitors behavior on a website to help your organisation become more productive.

How Google Tracking Code Works

The way analytics work is simple, google gives you a tag that looks like this UA-123456789 to put in the head part of your website. Through this gtag, google is able to track different information and behavior of your website visitors, as well as provide relevant data about your visitors behavior during their visit and diplay it on your Google analytics (GA) dashboard.

How to create google Analytics

To create google analytics account is rather a simple process, as long as you have an accessible gmail account, a website or blog with access to cpanel. This is because you will need to upload a code containing gtag id to your site later.

Commencing the Process

This process will be done in four easy steps as you are about to find out in the graphical illustration below:

First enter https://analytics.google.com on your browser address bar which will open a page that looks like this:

Analytics 1
Analytics web page

When you are on the page, Click the sign up button and enter your property details in the dialogue boxes that will be provided on the next loaded page. Like this

Analytics account creation dialogue box
Analytics account creation dialogue box

Next, it is time to scroll down and get the all knowing google tag. by clicking the blue ‘get tracking id’ button below. I advice you leave all checkboxes checked the way they are

Check the box
Accept the terms

Accept all terms of service and proceed to get a unique tracking code.

Google tracking code

Voila, your tracking code. Now the few steps that follow may be a little techy as you will have to copy the code snippet and paste immediately after the <head> tag of all your website pages. But if you have permission to edit your site’s pages, then you don’t have a challenge. Simply copy the code containing the analytics tag and paste it to the header part of all pages on your site immediately after the opening <head> tag.

code snippet for GA
GA code snippet

That is how you create a google analytics account. simple right? Go ahead and create a GA account to gain indepth knowledge about your site.

Why paste google tag immediately after the opening <head> tag

Analytics tracking code is placed immediately after the openning <head> tag of all pages so that all clicks made on a site contain GA tracking code will start to collect data immediately. That way, even if the visitor leaves immediately without scrolling to the bottom, the data is captured.


Creating a google analytics account is as easy as creating google search console and the payoffs for having it are enormous. So even if you don’t need analytics data yet too, it is necessary to create a google analytics account to serve as a data bank for future use.

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