Getting free backlinks as beginner

beginner link building
beginner link building

Getting quality backlinks to websites is a top priority for site owners and bloggers, at least every blogger who knows what he or she is doing. The problem, however, is that link building is a core SEO activity that is time-consuming and expensive. Worse, many digital marketing pros are reluctant to teach you how it is done. Whatever their reluctance might be, I assure you that by the time you finish reading this article, You will know how to generate a good number of high-quality backlinks to your website that will also give you a higher ranking in Google.
But first off, I will explain the importance of backlinks to a website, then proceed to show you how to get some free and quality links pointing to your site.
The great thing with these link building techniques contained here is they can be implemented by even, a non-SEO expert. However, it is important to know the differences between link rels, and which links have higher authority first before going out on a link building mission, to avoid Google penalty.
These are exactly how I get links to many pages on my website and rank in search.

Where you can get backlinks

Here are the sources that you can get free backlinks for free;

  • Quora
  • yahoo answers
  • Nairaland (Nigeria)
  • Social media
  • Youtube
  • Comments

Quora : Thousands of people ask questions on quora and several million others read the answers to these questions. So if you provide an answer to a question and a page on your website explains in detail answers to the question, you can attach the “helpful” link alongside the answer.
Not only will you generate a link to your site, but you will also generate a good amount of traffic, if that question gets a large number of readers.

Yahoo answers: Just like Quora, Yahoo Answers is a high-rated domain website where you can get decent backlinks and traffic flowing to your website. The portal has several categories where people with questions login daily to find solutions. The niche-specific grouping of the site makes it easy to identify categories to direct your answers.
The categories which range from education to Computers/internet, to any possible category you can think about, the list is very long. 

So where you have a helpful resource to the answer, you slide the link in. This link is added to your website’s backlink library.

Nairaland: Popular Nigerian portal is not just a place where Corpers (a Nigerian youth scheme) go to catch fun and ask NYSC camp-related questions. People also learn skills, read news, and ask questions on all subjects on Nairaland. The portal has discussions forums on almost every subject from webmasters to Business, love, and the other numerous categories. It therefore, provide a good ground to get website traffic and backlinks.

Medium: Medium is a multi-purpose platform. A blogging tool, a learning tool, and a backlinks tool. To start getting links from Medium, you first need to create an account, publish helpful articles. Having a decent amount of followers is important to generate Medium traffic to your site.
Medium is a highly rated domain on google so also are the links from the site.

Medium articles give you an opportunity to reach a broader audience and get quality backlinks to your website while also spreading your brand’s reach.

While Medium articles may be seen as guest posts, it defers from guest posts in the sense that, guest posting on other websites require formalities that are not needed on medium. You don’t have to contemplate whether your article will be accepted for publication or not. Again, Medium articles get published almost instantly unlike publishing on other blogs where you may have to wait for a long period of time before the content manager publishes your post.

Social media: Another source of cheap and instant website links is from social media, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook etc. The good thing with sharing on social media is that it drives brand awareness, a decent amount of traffic to your website, and a huge following. Another reason why getting links from social media is great is because social media further proves a business’ genuineness to the public. While integrating whatsapp sharing promotes personal personalized content sharing.

Youtube: The 2nd most popular search engine, Youtube is another good place to get high, authoritative backlinks to your website. You can include your website’s link to your youtube videos in the description to direct video watchers to the helpful resource in the process getting a decent link to your site as well as getting huge website traffic.

The only requirement here is a Youtube channel where you will be uploading the videos and description links.

P.S. only add relevant description links.

Website scrappers: website scrappers serve the primary purpose of providing blog content, recent news, to feed subscribers. But not only do these scrappers show your content to feed subscribers, but they also generate a backlink for your site. When you submit your website to a web scrapper like feedspot.com, they will send you traffic and increase the strength of your backlink.

Blog Comments: Commenting on other blog posts that are in your industry/niche is another good opportunity to get website links. However, apply caution when you are commenting on blog posts so that content creators don’t mistake you for a spammer or a BOT. This guide will help. There are thousands of comments to my blog posts that never get approved on suspicion of spam or being BOT generated content. Other publishers also treat such comments in a similar manner.

Advanced Techniques for link building: when you have become conversant with these easy ways of getting backlinks, you may want to take steps further by inculcating other advanced strategies such as link outreach, HARO pitching, and guest posting.

Note that you may need premium (paid) and open source tools like Semrush for advanced keyword research and MOZ for backlink analyses. But if you have a low budget and don’t have a few hundred dollars to pay for these tools, you can opt for free tools like link checker -that has a chrome extension, SEO spyglass etc.

There you have it, sites that you can generate free, unlimited, and high-quality backlinks to your website. Without needing to do any expensive, vigorous or time-consuming work


The link building tactics I have seen are way too advanced and often too difficult for the average beginner to understand. Such tactics as the walking man, Guest posting, etc. But today you learned link building the easy way.

Now, which one of these link building hacks are you going to start with? Let me know in the comments sections. And if you want more easy DIY SEO hacks, subscribe to my email newsletter.

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