20 places to learn SEO and become a specialist in 2020

Learning search engine optimization (SEO) can be challenging, especially when you don’t know where or from whom to learn the...

rel ugc

What is rel=”ugc”, rel=”sponsored”, rel=”nofollow”?

All the link rels explained and the best one to use is suggested.

seo tools

Very important SEO tools that are free and underated

here is a list of all free SEO tools that should be in the tool kit of every SEO

Google analytics account

Google Analytics Account, what you can achieve with GA

My Google analytics tell me exactly how many visitors my site is getting, where they are coming from, what devices...

how to create a sitemap

Create Sitemap for Quick site indexing!

I have offered many SEO tips such as How to do keyword and using link shorteners with care etc. I...

choosing a host

7 important factors in choosing a web host. Ensure your host supports number 2.

Ok, now you have graduated from been a mere enthusiast about online business. You actually want to host your website....

Why is url shortner like bit.ly not good for my site

Why is url shortner like bit.ly not good for my site

Many website url (website address)  will look too long, boring and/or difficult to read, if their character length is not...

top 7 Nigerian blog mistakes

Don’t make these 7 mistakes News blogs and entertainment blogs are Making In Nigeria

Many Nigerians want to make money over the internet just like  Linda Ikeji. However, so many bloggers, and online content...

a keyword

keyword is the most important SEO factor in content creation

Meaning of a Keyword: A keyword is a word or phrase that illustrate what your site content is about. Keywords...

Welcome to Google Search Console

How to increase your website visits in Nigeria by creating google console

When it comes to optimizing your website to increase visitors, you are definitely going to get over a thousand and...