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Joseph Tsaker

Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Joseph and I am an expert in generating search traffic through poignant SEO methods. I am also awesome at the other digital marketing suite: email marketing, social media marketing pay-per-click PPC advertising.

I love to bring my knowledge of finance to bear on an organization’s income generation.
As a graduate of accounting, I provide unique insights that will generate a higher return on investment ROI for a business.

To this day, I am the head of Finance at ValueBeam, and the SEO consultant of deAnalyst. I am not a mantra bearing person, but this can help you understand me a little:

“I ventured into the challenging but interesting world of search engine optimization and digital marketing early 2018 after realizing the website optimization gap that prior existed between Nigerian companies and their counterparts abroad. So far, I have helped a few businesses increase their earrnings tremendously, looking forward to more.”


I have attended many seminars/webinars and taken several courses on SEO, and digital marketing which have positioned me favorably to carry on site Audit and optimization.

My googliness is certified with numerous certificates including Fundamentals of digital marketing, Advanced Google Analytics, and Digital Sales Certification by the Search giants, Google.

Joseph Tsaker

I particularly like to flaunt my advanced analytics certificate. Probably because it is the most important part of understanding what needs to be optimized (in my opinion) for an online business.

Google Analytics Certification

Advance Google Analytics Certificate

Digital Skills for Africa Certification

I have Keen interest in Business finance and growth marketing. I believe that every business have a shot at increasing Return on Investment (ROI) if they monitor their metrics and implement smart strategies.

Okay, enough of the talk, why not meet with me on twitter or instagram? Better still, follow me on any social media on the sidebar and we will connect.