20 places to learn SEO and become a specialist in 2020

Learning search engine optimization (SEO) can be challenging, especially when you don’t know where or from whom to learn the online profession from. Knowing this, I have collected a list of websites that teach SEO and what you can learn from each one of them to become  a professional SEO analyst and implementer in 2020.

Learning SEO
SEO learning places

I’m often asked these questions, “how can I also become an SEO expert?” how long will it take me to learn SEO? Even specialists sometimes look for where to learn something new in SEO.

The obvious is, people who want to learn SEO may not know where to learn from afterall. 

This post will address that issue. If you are in the category of people inquiring about where to learn a particular SEO aspect, lucky you, because I will not only direct you to where to learn SEO, but I will also point out what you should expect to learn from these sites.

Being a beneficiary of most of these sources myself, I can assure you that you will learn from them as well. Probably, before the end of the year 2020, you would have achieved your dream of becoming an SEO specialist by simply reading the blogs or watching the vlogs I have listed.

Disclaimer: It is common practice for people who write these kind of articles to slip in their websites to the list, with the hope of boosting their site’s ranking when the article is linked to, me however, have intentionally omitted deAnalyst.com from this list.
Although you can learn a lot of SEO implementations from the site’s blog section too. My aim is to introduce you to the most helpful resources without prejudice.

So, if you are intending to start search engine optimization in 2020, maybe for your website/blog or as a new career path. These are the authorities/websites to learn from, and what they teach best.

The best places to learn SEO and become a SEO specialist (what you learn)

  1. Neil Patel (content and traffic marketing)
  2. Rankya.com (wordpress SEO)
  3. Barry Shwartz (general SEO trends)
  4. Backlinko (Search traffic data bank)
  5. Chuck Price (SEO numbers)
  6. Reliablesoft.net (SEO tools)
  7. Alan Bleiweiss (enterprise SEO)
  8. Chase Reiner (schema mark-up)
  9. Rand Fishkin (SEO business)
  10. Glen Alsopp (SEO tricks)
  11. John Mueller (SEO best practices)
  12. Danny sullivan (Google search)
  13. Gary Illyes (SEO developments)
  14. Hubspot (SEO marketing platform)
  15. Loren Baker (all on SEO aspects)
  16. SEJ (Articles)
  17. Ahrefs blog (SEO guide on traffic marketing)
  18. Google webmasters community (community help)
  19. Moz community (Keyword research, community with every relevant SEO implementation,often for advanced)
  20. SemRush (SEO articles from professionals)

We all need somebody to lean on… (in my Micheal Jackson voice), this is also true for SEO professionals and enthusiasts looking for resources.
I have observed a unique pattern with each of the professionals that I have listed above and how they will uniquely help you learn a particular aspect of the SEO profession. 

So if you have ever wondered where you will learn a certain aspect of SEO, border no more:

  1. Neil Patel
    Neilpatel.com has established itself as a reliable SEO and other digital marketing skills learning platform over the years. Blog posts on the site are beginner friendly, as the articles are written in a simple understandable language.

    Posts on neilpatel.com are basically tips on generating higher website traffic and more value from an online business through SEO. And other digital marketing activities. Neilpatel.com has grown beyond an SEO site to an SEO platform with tools.
  2. Backlinko.com
    When you have finally decided to make data driven SEO decisions, Bryan Dean’s site is the place you should be frequenting. I have learned so much search traffic generating and measurement hacks from backlinko.com such as keyword research and link marketing, by simply reading pages on his site.

    Brian likes to put in the work that is required to know what it takes to be on top of search engine results pages SERPS.
    In one of his researches carried out in conjunction with buzzsumo, Dean found that long articles tend to outrank shorter ones.
    His concept, the “skyscraper approach”, which many SEOs like to use to outrank their competitors is one out of his many marketing researches that has set this brilliant SEO blogger/vlogger apart, and accord him a place as the best of SEO teaching personas today.
    Backlinko’s SEO USP is backlink marketing.
  3. Chase Reiner
    Chase reiner’s site is a good place to get your SEO learning going for you in 2020. The SEO whose youtube vlog is loaded with a lot of live SEO tutorials, will help you become a SEO pro sooner than you can imagine.
    He has conducted a bunch of SEO audits live. showing seo tools, hacks and tricks that you too can use.
    Chase also train and certify aspiring SEOs with an SEO certification course for beginners.
    One SEO activity you will sure learn from his site’s blog or youtube channel is schema implementation.
  4. Barry shwartz
    Barry is often always, the first to break the news on many recent industry developments in SEO. Hardly does an SEO new development pass without Barry putting his qualified input.
    He is always on top of the news and promptly writing about it on his twitter handle or his website seroundtable.com. I always look up his twitter update to confirm an industry development.
    Posts on seroundtable.com are rather concise and straight to the point.
    The experienced search marketing persona, who is respected within SEO cycle has his unique selling point in latest SEO trends analyses.
  5. Alan Bleiweiss
    alan Bleiweiss logo
    Famous SEO professional Alan bleiweiss is a good source to learn SEO. His SEO tip beats on large eCommerce shops may just be what you need to upgrade your client’s ecommerce shop to the next level. Alan’s website blog may not have so much content as the other professionals I have highlighted currently, but you will still learn from the available posts.
    Opinion: You get more by following Bleiweiss on twitter.
    Alan’s strong SEO seminar or tweets centers around long term strategic and technical SEO implementation.
  6. Moz community
    moz logo
    Rarely is there a SEO professional that has never gone to Moz’s community to learn an SEO implementation or answer a question in the community. The community whose membership is a free for all has with it Moz’s bar, a tool for site SEO analyses -domain authority, page authority, and the backlinks of a web page, in addition to the large community of experts.
    Moz community is one of the most vibrant SEO communities today, and as such is a veritable SEO learning destination that anyone willing to scale his SEO career shouldn’t ignore.
    Additionally, as a Moz community member, you have the opportunity to use her premium tools for a limited number of times, monthly.
  7. SEMrush
    SEO keyword research tool maker, Semrush may be the place you need to advance your knowledge of search engine optimization.
    The blog section of the site which features several articles from community members has all kinds of digital marketing centred posts, ranging from organic to paid search, email, and social media.
    You can learn probably all digital marketing tips from this site. Plus, take a certification course, and become a certified SEO.
  8. AhRefs:
    Keyword tool maker, Ahrefs blog is a good platform to learn quality SEO tips. Content marketing is one of the famous ways the company is utilising to sell their premium software, hence, they are constantly churning videos  and writing SEO blog contents that you can learn SEO tips from to become a pro.
    just like Moz, Ahrefs too has a community of SEO enthusiast that make guest blog posts to the site.
  9. SEJ blog
    When it comes to SEO community blogging, SEJ is only next to Moz (my judgement), with 10’s of thousands of articles, there’s hardly anything in SEO you wouldn’t find on Loren Baker’s site. Even if the blog doesn’t have it, the webinars organised through the site will have you covered.
    And seriously, with Moz and SEJ you have all the SEO industry experts to learn from on your screen.
    All smart SEOs read SEJ, so you too should.
    Their USP is in everything SEO, especially new industry developments.
  10. Rankya.com

    How to learn wordpress seo
    Rankya.com is an SEO agency that has many blog and vlog SEO tutorials especially for wordpress sites. The site has a lot of materials for beginners and newbie SEO professionals. If you are starting an SEO career, do well by visiting the website’s blog page and YouTube channel.
    Rankya’s USP is in wordpress SEO audits. Suffice to say that, wordpress is the most popular CMS with more than 20% of the world’s website running on the platform.
  11.  Reliablesoft.net
    Alex’s reliablesoft has published numerous SEO-learning-worthy posts on their website’s blog, that tutor enthusiasts of the profession how to create search engine  worthy content.
    You can visit the site and be sure of learning one or two valuable SEO hacks, perhaps you can become a specialist in 2020 from merely reading the blog of the site or its vlog.
  12. Glen Allsopp

    Detailed.com’s Glen Allsopp is famous for inventing SEO hacks that may never have been prior known. If you want to start hacking the SERPS (legitimately) and find out how sites are getting a huge chunk of their traffic, 70 percent of your traffic from one post, Alsopp will go to work and discover how you have generated those numbers.
    His hard work is better appreciated when you visit the blog page of detailed.com. The prolific search marketer’s lessons may not be useful for the very-very beginner, but intermediates and professional SEOs alike enjoy spending time on detail’s website as they learn seo secrets to be implemented on their websites.
    Glenn’s USP is in competitor analysis and traffic hacks.
  13.  Chuck Price

    Price’s article on SEJ provided a clear basis for quantifying SEO in terms of money. Outside of that post, Price has many other great SEO articles that are often centred around measuring SEO and digital marketing actions and results.
    Read measurable.com’s blog to find out for yourself.
    USP of measurableseo.com is in measurable SEO decisions.
  14. Sparktoro
    Expert Search engine optimization persona, Rand Fishkin’s website is the place you can learn big data SEO trends, insights, and optimization.
    With Rand’s vast experience and as founder of famous SEO platform, Moz, you are sure that whatever thing that comes out of his website’s blog is worth looking into diligently.
    Sparktoro has exposed search industry data-driven posts that will form your new model optimization going forward.

What if I prefer to learn on twitter?

Just in case you want to learn from SEO influencers on twitter (which you should), here are some of the SEO movers on twitter you are better off following:

  1. John Mueller
    Google Search trends analyst, John Mueller is the go-to guy when you need any clarification on any nagging SEO issue. You guessed right, I’m advising you start following his handle in addition to the other professionals I had mentioned earlier, if you want to be an SEO of repute.
  2. Gary Illyes
    Gary is always helping SEOs out when they have questions. Just like Mueller, I will advise you to start following Gary if you want to make your SEO dream a fruition, in our Google dominated industry.
  3. Danny Sullivan: Google’s desire is to provide relevant answers to people who are asking questions right? So, you should be sure that google will avail every necessary asset to answer (help) even, webmasters when they have issues.
    Sullivan is one of those who is actively assisting the SEO community on twitter, hence you should be following him as an aspiring SEO to deepen your knowledge.

What about Agencies that are actively teaching SEO:

Some digital marketing agencies are not specifically SEO companies but they actively vlog/blog on SEO implementing tips. This is where companies such as

  • Marketing 360: deserves a mention for the various SEO centric vlog/blog posts they have posted in times past.
  • Linkedin: Social media outfit linkedin is a place you can learn SEO and become a pro in 2020. Linkedin has numerous SEO learning courses that you can utilize to kickstart or upscale your SEO career.
    Apart from the courses, Linkedin marketing department churns out SEO implementation tutorials regularly.
  • Quicksprout: Digital marketing agency, quicksprout often times dish out SEO content for the consumption of its visitors.
    Quicksprout which was founded by renowned marketer, Neil Patel is also a good SEO learning source. If you are a solopreneur who often combine many of the digital marketing niches, PPC, email etc, in addition to SEO, Quicksprout is one of those sites you should frequent.

Note that this list, just like any other recommendation, does not contain every single SEO teacher/site out there, but be sure the list profiles all professional SEO teachers you need to get your SEO game to the desirable level.

Conclusion on learning SEO in 2020

Learning SEO may be difficult, especially when you don’t know where to, or from whom to learn, but with this post, you don’t have any hassle becoming an SEO specialist in 2020.
Even if you don’t become a professional, your small blog should have you to thank for all the organic results you would have generated, as aresult of reading the sites I have mentioned.

What other sites do you like to learn SEO from? Let me here you in the comments section.

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